Python Software Engineer

KetPsiShield is an early-stage (bootstrapped, pre-seed) quantum computing startup focusing on leveraging quantum computing in the realms of cybersecurity and malware analysis. We are looking for a software engineer on a contractual basis that can help us build out an API for our product. We ideally want to have a prototype built by Oct 31, 2021 to start getting customer pilots, but there is some flexibility and that deadline has a high probability of being pushed out.


We want an initial websockets API using python and nginx, but will be looking to directly integrate into AWS services at some point in the near future (API gateway, etc) in addition to Microsoft Azure. 


Candidate must be proficient in the following (2-4 years experience):


  • Python (tornado, jupyter, pip, venv)
  • WebSockets
  • CI/CD Build Pipelines and integration
  • Github & Gitlab Build Pipelines/tasks and integration
  • Git for version control
  • NGINX reverse proxy
  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, etc)

Some experience in the following is optional, but highly preferred:


  • x86/x86_64 assembly (reading and understanding)
  • reverse engineering (Ghidra, IDA pro, Binary Ninja, etc)
  • Python libraries: radare2, dis
  • Python machine language / Cython 


Potential for contract renewal and equity options when the company grows.


Compensation depends upon experience and how quickly we can get things done, roughly $20-$40/hr

Project duration: 6-8 weeks initially

Remote and flexible hours

Please email resume/CV to info at for consideration.